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From Embedded Software Code - - To - - Web Presentation / Portal

From Embedded Software Code - - to - - Web Prsentation / Portal
From Embedded Software Code
Web Prsentation / Portal
From Embedded Software Code
Web Prsentation / Portal

What We Do

Embedded Software Systems

Embedded systems are in everything from cars to refrigerators in the consumer arena. Industrial and medical industries also employ these systems to create the IoT (Internet of Things).

Our UX / UI (User Experience or User Interface) quality that we use for web development is carefully crafted for embedded systems that require a web interface. Most backend functions use C / C++ and Python. Depending on the complexity, we can use Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS (Real Time Operating System), micro-kernels, or no operating system at all.

We can abbreviate the "time to market" process by using off-the-shelf hardware like the popular Raspberry Pi, Arduino or BeagleBoard Bone as shown above. These SBC's (Single Board Computers) provide a good vehicle for prototyping or the "Proof of Concept" stage. This strategy can provide low quantity production runs while raising money to get to high level "economy of scale" numbers.

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We Develop Compelling Websites and Mobile Web Apps

There are tons of web development companies that can crank out beautiful informational pages or simple e-commerce sites using WordPress or other CMS's (Content Management Systems), but if you want a lean, fast-loading site that has complex and optimized data storage, and a well engineered UX (User Experience) then you've come to the right place!

We create solidly engineered webapps/websites with security in mind from conception to completion. A well crafted UX (User Experience) prevents clients from getting frustrated and leaving your site for your competitor, not because low interested in your product or service but because they've lost confidence. The systems we create are extensible and scalable so yours will grow with your business

We also offer consulting and other contract services for embedded systems. We can create the UX with the same features listed above for your IoT (Internet of Things) devices too.

    Optimized design that loads in seconds
    Layout that looks great on every device
    Solid design that states itself in a competitive market

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